Dr. Amer Khalil is a fellowship trained & board certified neurosurgeon with specialty in artificial disc replacement and minimally invasive spine surgery. His clinical interests include cervical and lumbar spine surgery (eg, sciatica), complex deformity surgery and scoliosis, lateral access and minimally invasive surgical procedures, spine fractures and spinal cord injury, spinal tumors, spondylosis and spondylolisthesis. Dr. Khalil has special interest in innovative therapies and technologies to improve the health of patients.


In the last ten years, new surgical advancements have allowed spine surgeons to use evidence-based techniques that restore natural motion and relieve neurological symptoms. Often done in the outpatient setting, a patient with debilitating neck or back pain may go home the same day after surgery without extensive recovery times. These artificial discs mimic the motion and kinematics of a natural human disc instead of the traditional “fusion” techniques where two vertebrae are fused together which limits motion and may cause further complications. Highly specialized instrumentation provide safe and effective use of artificial discs that often lead to desired outcomes.


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A minimally invasive approach is our standard of care.

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Our team takes the time to get to know your condition and your desired outcome. Together we make a plan.

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Utilizing state of the art facilities and the most up to date devices available, our team provides unparalleled care.


As one of the most experienced spine surgeons in Southern California, Dr. Khalil has the ability to manage the most complicated spine issues.

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